Case Study: Broadcast email newsletter

One of our services is broadcast email communications. We have experience in creating newsletters both using broadcast email services and creating visually appealing templates.

In the two examples pictured below, you can see that even when using the same email template, the results can be widely different in terms of professionalism, concise communication of important information, and visual appeal.

General Comments:

Email is too long. The recipient will likely not have the patience to scroll even halfway, which would mean that the events lower on the newsletter are basically not being communicated.

There is too much wasted space for the amount of information that needs to be communicated.

  • Images are too large, inconsistently sized and placed. Smaller images, with the text wrapped around would reduce the length of the page significantly.
  • There is too much information on each event. The club has a website where visitors can find out more information about any event they have interest in.

The email is visually chaotic and difficult to read

  • The text is wildly inconsistent in size, color, weight, and alignment.
  • Images are also inconsistent in size and placement, and not every event has an image.
  • Not all events have a consistent heading and horizontal break above and below, making events difficult to distinquish from one another.
  • Dates for events are inconsistent in format and placement.


Email Newsletter with mark-up EmailNewsletter_flatThe screen shots show the difference in quality and professionalism between our newsletter (right), and one produced using the same template by someone without communications experience, (left).


Note: Click on the images to view larger. Be patient; the images are large, so may take a bit of time to download.